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                                                                How to keep the polyurethane sieve plate
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                                                                Polyurethane screen is a wear-resistant screen for fine crushing and screening of iron ore, raw coal classification, gold, building materials, and sand and gravel screening for hydropower and nuclear power projects. We have already understood the specific industries in which polyurethane screens are used, but we may not know what to pay attention to when storing polyurethane screens, so let's take a look at how polyurethane screens should be stored together!

                                                                The storage of construction materials and steel of polyurethane sieve plates should be stacked according to different steel grades, furnace numbers, varieties and specifications, lengths and different technical indicators. The returned materials should also be stacked in different materials to facilitate use. The steel should be moisture-proof, acid-alkali-proof and rust-proof. The corroded steel should be stacked separately, derusted in time, and put into use as soon as possible. The storage of construction materials of polyurethane screens, and the storage of sand and gravel, should be stacked and stored at the site of use of the project or near the mixing station according to the construction plan, and the number of specifications should be indicated on the stacking plate. The ground should be level and solid, and the sand and gravel should be piled into a square flat top to prevent sewage and liquid resin from being immersed in the gravel pile. Colored stones or white stones are generally shipped in woven bags. If they are packed in bulk, they should be Use after rinsing.

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