Make your business flourish by creating mobile friendly website

Mobile Web Design

The internet has proliferated into all walks of our lives supported by the widespread use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The majority of people now access the internet from mobile devices. Ranking well in search results is not enough to ensure more visibility of websites. The website has to be accessible from mobile devices. So it is time to If you need more detail you can contact our Gold Coast Office to discuss with your mobile website design.

This has led to the creation of websites that can be viewed comfortably on handheld devices. Websites that can be viewed with ease on all kinds of mobile devices are termed as mobile friendly websites.

Optimized for mobiles

Websites created for viewing on PCs and laptops are not suitable for viewing on mobile devices unless it is optimized suitably. By using the technique of responsive design, websites are created in a manner that makes it suitable for viewing on all kinds of devices, stationary and mobile, with the same ease. Therefore, creating a mobile friendly website is only quite normal nowadays. The elements of optimization are hidden in the design that allows automatic adjustments in the size of texts and images to suit the screen size on which it is displayed.

More business prospects

A mobile-friendly website can enormously enhance the business prospects. It creates the perfect platform on which business can grow. Shopping trends have undergone a sea change over the past few years. In 2013, PC users spent 45% time shopping online while mobile users devoted 55% time for online buying. In 2014, the mobile online shoppers spent as much as 60% time shopping on the internet. Search rates have multiplied significantly on mobile devices.  Added to this is the fact that 74% visitors to websites prefer to revisit websites that can be easily accessed from mobile devices.

As Google also likes these websites, it has become apparent to make websites friendly to mobiles.